A big yet important Vision. A clear and achievable Mission. Five important Values.

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All great companies stand for something. It's the reason they do what they do. The reason they exist.




At SA Podiatry Centre, our vision is to build the foundation for a healthy and active life from the ground up.


To help us realise our vision, our mission is to provide an integrated podiatry service that delivers lifelong benefits for our patients.


At SA Podiatry Centre, we have five Values that we live by. They underping everything we do. We cherrish them. We live them. We promote them. We instil them in every patient contact. They are our DNA.


Relationship matter.

We aim to build life-long relationship that are cherished with both our patients, and our colleagues. These relationships are built on trust, integrity and loyalty.


Exceed & excel.

Understand what truly matters, what is wanted. Deliver on promises. Exceed all expectations.


Honesty is the best policy.

Never shy from tough conversations. Be clear and transparent in communication. Refer where outcomes will be superior.


Educate to grow.

Never stop learning to grow as a person and a practitioner.


Define the future.

Facilitate, implement and review long-term outcomes. Embrace new technology and how it can improve outcomes.


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