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Patient education27th of September 2019

Plantar heel pain (a.k.a plantar fasciitis)

Plantar heel pain is one of the most common conditions we treat as podiatrists. Based on our skills and clinical experience, we provide our patients with individual management plans that ensure they have the best chance of reaching a positive clinical outcome.

Our services5th of September 2019

Children's Podiatry @ SA Podiatry Centre

At SA Podiatry, Danielle Champion has a special interest in treating children. This includes both active treatment, as well as educating the wider family around the cause of symptoms and likely long-term outcomes.

Clinic News14th of April 2019

Our philosophy

The corner-stone for the success of our patients is embedded in five pillars of philosophy that underpin everything we do at SA Podiatry Centre.

Clinic News13th of April 2019

It all starts with a vision. Our ultimate purpose.

All great companies stand for something. Our vision is to build the foundation for a healthy and active life from the ground up.

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Clinic News11th of April 2019

SA Podiatry Centre - New Podiatry Clinics in Malvern & Magill, Adelaide

Announcing new podiatry, physiotherapy and exercise physiology clinics in Adelaide, South Australia. An integrated service with Move for Better Health and InForm Health & Fitness.

Clinic News15th of March 2019

Why do we exist?

Every business is started for a reason. SA Podiatry centre was born out of the need for a podiatry in a new unique multi-disciplinary health centre in Malvern, South Australia.

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